Here is how to make a "Tank" leash using colorful paper links!

1st … You can use different colored paper, like construction paper, or you can use newspaper, or plain paper.  You decide what kind of paper you want to use.

2nd … Draw lines, about 1 inch apart, from the top of your paper to the bottom.  Now you might need help trying to figure what a 1 inch measurement looks like.  Well, 1 inch is about the size of two of your fingers pressed together.  Your mom’s or your dad’s fingers will probably be too big, so be sure and use your fingers.

3rd … Using safety scissors (those are the ones with the rounded tips), cut the strips along the lines you have drawn on the paper.  Cut all of the strips and put them in a pile.  If you want to, you can separate the strips of cut paper by color.  However, if you used something like newspaper, you won’t need to separate the cut strips … since they are mostly the same color.

4th … Let’s make the first link!  Select a cut strip.  Place a small dab of glue on the tip of one end of the cut strip.  Place the tip of the cut strip that has the glue over the end of the strip that does not have glue and overlay the ends about ½ an inch.  Press the tips together!  Make sure the tips stick!  Now you have your first LINK!  Does it look like a circle?  You did it!

5th … Now, choose another color strip or newspaper strip for the second link.  Make the link in the same way as you did the 1st link except connect the links by placing the second link through the first link before gluing the ends.  Just stick the 2nd strip through the 1st strip that you have glued and made into a circle.  Now, put a small dab of glue on the tip of the end of the 2nd strip and stick it together with the other end of the 2nd strip to make another circle!  You did it!  Now you have 2 links!  Isn’t this fun!

6th … Just keep making and adding links to make your “Tank Leash” as long as you want your leash to be!  You can hang your “Tank Leash” all over your room!  You can stretch your “Tank Leash” down the hall or all over the yard, or even in your trees!

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