Hi friend! Let's DECORATE our hair!!

Brushing my hair isn't exactly my favorite thing to do. But I've found a way to make brushing my hair lots of fun! I don't just brush my hair ...


1.  First, brush your hair.  This is not always easy.  I have big hair that sometimes gets tangled.  Brushing my hair can hurt.  So, I brush gently.  I try to get as many tangles out of my hair as I can.

2.  Have you ever turned your head upside down and brushed your hair?  It's fun!  I just bend over so my head is pointing at the floor and I'm looking at my knees.  I brush my hair towards the floor while my  head is upside down!  Then, I throw my head back and my hair is all bushy and big and I get a little dizzy!  I like it!

3.  Now comes the really fun part!  It's time to DECORATE our hair! You can use bows, or clips, or bands with bright colorful balls, socks, or ribbons, or flowers, grass, twigs, beads, bracelets, bobby pins, or even balloons!

4.  You can choose to be careful and calm with only a few decorations in your hair.  Or ... YOU CAN JUST GO CRAZY!  You can decorate your hair with as many bows, ribbons, beads, bobby pins, or balloons as you can fit in your hair!  Wow!  Look at my DECORATED HAIR!

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