Maria Shriver applauds "Stellarella! It's Saturday!"

“I always enjoy reading inspiring stories that teach young girls how to feel empowered.”

Maria Shriver, August 2013, Stellarella! It’s Saturday!

Maria Shriver believes that we all have the ability to be “Architects of Change.” She is one who encourages us all to be prepared to step out of our comfort zones and insist on solutions; solutions that improved the quality of life for all. Of particular interest is her commitment to modernizing America’s relationship to women. In January 2014, Maria will present her latest Shriver Report that focuses on the economic vulnerability of working women by “probing government policies, private sector practices, social structures, and personal decisions that prevent women from achieving long-term financial security and keep them teetering on the brink.” The Shriver Report is a ongoing multi-platform project founded by Maria Shriver that gives clear insight into a most important social trend of the emergence of women into all areas of society. Her commitment to and passion for the emergence of women in politics, social structures, health, economics, and all facets of society makes her favorable comments about Stellarella! It’s Saturday! all the more significant for little girls everywhere.

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