Stellarella and Tank Take Houston!

In October, Stellarella author Debo Dykes and illustrator Christina Mattison Klaven caught up with Joan Chittister, OSB and John Dominic Crossan at the FAITH AND REASON "Does Christianity Have a Future?" conference in Houston, Texas. In addition to being world-renowned authors, advocates and speakers, Chittister and Crossan have ENDORSED the first book in the Stellarella series, Stellarella: It's Saturday! Read their endorsements below:

What Joan Chittister, OSB says about Stellarella: It's Saturday!

"This charming little book fills in the spaces in a culture where children and grandmothers get separated as families change and shift and meld and move. It touches the emotional chasm where memories are the only thing left to make the connections real. This book remembers the good things that happened in the past and brings comfort to the empty places in the heart of both child and grandmother. Even better, it promises an even more loving future together. This book is a certain read and a living promise for many."

What John Dominic Crossan says about Stellarella: It's Saturday!

"Dear Mothers & Fathers: This is a beautifully subtle and profoundly intuitive vision in which a yougn girl's earliest imagination moves instinctively from a mother who runs the kitchen to a God who runs the world. If women produce food and women prepare food, how is God not female? How could it be otherwise, Tank?"

In addition to visiting with Chittister and Crossan, we managed to sell over 40 copies of Stellarella: It's Saturday! during the conference, which took place at the magnificent Christ Church Cathedral in downtown Houston. We are now into the second printing of Stellarella: It's Saturday! and we look forward to selling many more copies! Get your today by clicking here.

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