Let's Make Ms. Leanna's Tomato Toast!


Are you hungry?  Are you trying to decide what to have for lunch?  How about "Ms. Leanna's Tomato Toast!"  Yum!  You only need 4 ingredients to make tomato toast.  All you need is a tomato, a slice of bread (if you're really hungry you'll need 2 ... maybe 4 ... slices of bread!), a little butter or margarine, and some cheese.  Click the "TOAST" button, quick!  I'm starved!

Let's DECORATE Our Hair!


Stellarella's hair is a mess!  She needs to brush it but there are so many tangles she's afraid it will hurt.  But then she came up with a great idea!  She would gently brush her hair and then DECORATE her hair with either bows, ribbons, clips, barrettes, beads, bobby pins, or even balloons!  Let's do it!  Click the "HAIR-DO" BUTTON and let's get started!

Tank's Leash & Paper Links


Tank is ready to go for his walk but his leash is too short!  Can you help make Tank's leash longer?  Let's make take a long leash using paper links.  Click the "Links" button for complete directions.  Have fun!

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