Paperback edition of the second book in the Stellarella and Tank series, Stellarella: Seashells on the Seashore! Appropriate for children ages 3-8 years old (and big kids, too!).

Published by Maine Authors Publishing, 2014.

Stellarella! It's Saturday! (Paperback)

  • Summary:
    Stellarella, a feisty, frizzy-headed five year old, has an indomitable spirit, sassy style and creative imagination that make her irresistible to any young reader. In Stellarella: It’s Saturday!, Stellarella and her herculean and intuitive bulldog, named “Tank,” go on an imaginary trip to the local farmer’s market where they meet a diverse cast of vibrant and independent female characters: Ms. Maria with her zucchini fritters, Ms. Leanna with her tomato toast, and Ms. Tibbedeaux with her bodacious banjo! Sadly, the actual market trip is rained out. But the rain does not dampen Stellarella’s exuberant spirit. By the end of the day, Stellarella learns that disappointment can be turned into something surprisingly happy and fun.


    Book size is 10" wide by 8.5" tall. Shipped in archival cellophane sleeve and sturdy cardboard mailer. Please contact the seller with any questions, requests for autographs or special requests:

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